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Whatever piece of equipment we use, we will enhance your production. Our skills are not only knowing the equipment but how to optimise them to their best, along with the art of framing & lighting, lenses & grip choice.

Vintage Theatre Spot Light In The Studio


The art of cinematography is the art of lighting and making that light tell the story” – Stephen H. Burum, ASC. (Apocalypse Now, Carlito’s Way, Mission Impossible.)

Lighting can enhance important details or hide them. We specialise in the art of good lighting for maximum or subtle effect. We use variations between hard and soft lights, depending upon the project and or scene.


Jaffa Productions provides a full range of state of the art camera’s in all major formats along with complete accessories with our professional crews. We can offer clients advice in selecting the optimal video, audio and lighting combination for each specific production.

Camera Gimbal DSLR Video
Drone Sunset


Part of our speciality is that we do not just limit ourselves to the basics. We are constantly pushing ourselves and updating as new technology comes about. Stuart is a highly trained Steadicam and Drone operator and we can also supply jibs and jib operators. With tracks and sliders at our disposal along with many other toys, we can really give that enhanced polished look to your production.

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